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Secret Fat Burner in Whey Protein

Secret fat burner: Leucine

All protein is not equal says Reader's Digest Whey protein—usually sold as a powder supplement to add to shakes and smoothies—may be especially helpful for shedding pounds. This may be due to its high levels of leucine—an amino acid that helps the body synthesize protein. “As a protein-based supplement, it promotes muscle maintenance and growth,” says Jennifer McDaniel, RD, “Some research has shown it to be more effective at suppressing appetite compared to other protein sources. In one small study, whey protein was found superior in increasing metabolic rate compared to other types of protein-rich sources such as casein.”

Try whey protein, rather than casein or soy, in a meal or shake. Try Fast Protein Whey Protein Powder which contains LeucineIs Healthy, Convenient and Delicious!

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